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Sustainable, Stylish and Solid

thebrushblock is a product handmade in the UK that supports your brushes, tools and products in a sustainable haven, thebrushblock is very diverse and can be used to store your brushes, cosmetics, hair products, kitchen items or whatever else needs a place.
A fine tuned design, created  by Media Hair & Make-up Artist, Zara Bray, who knows the importance of storing these items in a sustainable way. 
thebrushblock uses reclaimed hardwood, rescued from going to landfill, making this an environmentally friendly option. The main woods used are Oak, Walnut and Ash but this may vary depending on what is available. All wood's used are of the highest quality.

thebrushblock is now handmade by Wombats Woodshop, who do the most incredible job at ensuring every product is at its highest standard. 
thebrushblock is solid and durable with no worries of breakage but also not weighty.

thebrushblock is very excited to announce that 5% of every product sold is now donated to 

The Marine Conservation Society, the UK charity working for seas full of life.

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Bedfordshire, UK


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